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Feng Shui Your Sexuality: Colors, Elements & Energy

Feng Shui’s goal is to create living spaces that promote harmony in your mind, body, and soul, which ultimately impacts your sex drive and your sex life. By adding simple changes to your surrounding space and decluttering your home, many people experience a rise in their libido levels and generally feel more relaxed and open. 

There is a reason why rose petals have always been seen as a romantic gesture that is usually guaranteed to result in a tussle between the sheets. This simple addition to your surrounding space instantly invokes a sexual and romantic feeling in many people, which can dramatically increase your sexual desire. For others, perhaps it is a freshly cleaned house, a scented candle, or some BDSM equipment, whatever floats your boat - Feng Shui doesn’t discriminate.  

So, how can you spice up your sex life using Feng Shui practises? The entire concept behind Feng Shui is to create an energy-balanced space, whether that be in the bedroom or the living room, wherever you like to have sex. This space should have a layout, colour scheme, and furniture placement that speaks to both your’s and your partner's energy and helps you both feel comfortable in your shared space.  

For example, clutter can often be a big turn-off for many people; a cluttered space usually equals a cluttered mind. Sex is based on emotional and sexual attraction and connection, and in order to truly connect during sex, we need to be present. That's a little hard to do if your mind is focused on the stack of mismatched magazines on the side table or the pile of kids' shoes littered across your bedroom floor! Minimising clutter and creating a clean, organised space can instantly de-stress your mind and increase your production of happy hormones  - dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin, all of which can help get you in the mood.  

That's not all; colour can also be a potent Feng Shui tool to have in your pocket. Red and pink colours are typically considered more sexual and romantic colours - depending on what kind of sexual vibe you are going for. For most people, red is often seen as a sexually arousing colour, whereas pink is more often associated with feelings and romance. Don't worry; you don't need to go and paint your entire bedroom red to spice things up. Strategically placing red or pink coloured decor in your sex zone works perfectly to bring some sexually-inducing Feng Shui to your room.  

Likewise, never underestimate the power of scent, as many scents can act as powerful aphrodisiacs that help coordinate yours and your partner's energy to be a little more turned on. Take a page out of Hindu tantric practitioner’s guidebooks and burn a little jasmine oil - a libido-boosting essential oil that has been used in Hindu practices for years. Similarly, your partner may be attracted to a particular shampoo or perfume you wear, dont be afraid to soak in yours and your partner’s favourite scents to invoke some of those love-sex hormones.  

No matter what kind of spice you are looking for, there is a Feng Shui tool that can help. Whether you are looking to increase your sex drive or add a little more spice to you and your partner’s sex life, there is no wrong time to add some Feng Shui. Dim your lights, burn some scented candles and prepare to feng shui your way to a better sex life.


Apr 1, 2023


Michaela Devaney

How you can implement this ancient Chinese practice to boost your sex life!

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