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Sensual Solutions: How to Spice Up Long Distance Relationships


Sept 5, 2023


Grace Guan

how to spice up long distance relationships

Distance makes the heart grow fonder – at least that’s how the saying goes. If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship (LDR), then you might agree with that sentiment to an extent. Being in a relationship can be tough. And having hundreds or thousands of kilometres between you and your partner only makes it harder. It’s actually more common than you think: 1.14 million people are in LDRS (in the US). Most people associate intimacy with affection, so when you can’t touch or even talk to your partner as much as you want you’ll have to find ways to keep things fun while you’re away from each other. This means getting creative and loading up on long distance date ideas, or even couples sex toys. So keep reading to learn how to spice up your long distance relationship and keep things interesting. 

Relationships are tough enough, when you’re together but the distance only adds to the difficulty which makes LDRs so hard to sustain. You can look at a relationship as a set of skills. So apart from the love and good feelings you have for each other, you need a lot of trust, and open, straight-forward communication for things to work out. If you’re part of a long distance couple, you’ll have to rely on these skills to make their relationship work even more than a regular couple. But don’t fret because LDRs actually have a 58% success rate. 

How can you keep a long distance relationship interesting?

Well, keeping things fresh means acting like they are fresh. AKA, keep those honeymoon vibes going. Do you remember at the beginning of your relationship, how you would dive at your cellphone to answer a text from them, put in a little bit extra time when you get ready, or go the extra mile when you’re planning your dates? Well, continuing these things are crucial when you’re not able to express your love and gratitude for your partner through physical touch and affection. 

Make sure you have a mutual understanding of each of your schedules

If you’re doing long distance in the same time zone, let each other know your general schedules so you can map out time to spend quality time together. Texting throughout the day is pretty normal for most couples, but it’s easy to lose out on genuine connection when you don’t dedicate time to it. This is even more important when you’ve got a time difference between you. You’ll have to work extra hard to make time for each other because your schedules won’t line up as often.

Take advantage of your love language

If you’re familiar with the five love languages, Gary Chapman outlined the ways romantic couples experience and express love. Physical touch is one of them, and it’s commonly one of the top love languages for men. Since you won’t be able to express love in that way, take a quiz to figure yours out, and communicate with your partner other ways you can receive and express love. For example, maye your partner’s second love language is gift giving. Try surprising them with something small like their favourite candy or flowers while you’re away. Love is felt through effort, and you’ll have to put in a little extra to make your partner feel it. 

Let’s dive into some long distance couple activities that you and your partner can do together. Living in a post-COVID world, no one’s a stranger to a Zoom date, and a fun date night online is not that far off. You can start off by finding a show. This goes hand-in-hand with movie night, but having something you watch together is a good way to spend some time and unwind together. So, hop on Netflix Party and get your snacks going. Game night or karaoke– if you’re an active couple, then playing games on Sporcle or Pogo or singing your hearts out is the best way to spend date night. For the foodies out there, cocktail night or a wine tasting, is a fun way to get your buzz on and have some fun. If you’re planning on doing that, try to get some ingredients or bottles delivered to your partner’s house as a little surprise. If you’re feeling creative, get some arts and crafts out and do some scrapbooking or make vision boards. This lets you look back on your memories or map out your life together. 

If you’re looking to spice up your long distance relationship, there are a ton of sexy ways to have fun with your partner. First, you have to create tension. This means sending that occasional spicy text to your partner when they aren’t expecting it. If you’re feeling bold, put on some lingerie and send some pics to match. You can also do things old school, by sending them a written note, with some sexy polaroids and some fun toys you can use together. Next, get intimate online. Take things a step further and set up a fun voice or video call to get things hot and steamy. Don’t be afraid to make use of the lingeries and toys. 

There’s no such thing as an easy relationship, and hard work is even more important when you’re doing it long distance. Make sure that love is always at the center of everything you do for each other. Relationships are a skill, and skills need to be practiced. When things get hard, remember to be open and patient with each other. Each day you get through is a day closer to the next time you’ll get to be together. Explore Fonder’s range of latex-free, discreet intimate devices and spice up your LDR today.

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