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brand story.

about us.

fonder sets out to make intimacy something to look forward to - be it solo or with a partner. we believe that self-discovery is quintessential to tapping into your pleasure potential, and developing deeper intimacy, connection and self-confidence.

conceptualized and designed in Japan, fonder is inspired by minimalistic and discreet aesthetics. through mindful designs coupled with dark japandi themes, fonder is looking to not just design products, but to also curate a lifestyle where less is more.

we think of sexual wellness products as essentials instead of supplementary. and we aim to keep them accessible and part of your daily routine - regardless of age, gender identity, sexual preference.


better sex correlates to better mental health. grow fonder of intimacy, and of yourself.

"love the simple designs that seem to blend seamlessly with my own home's aesthetics. and of course they've easily become part of my daily essentials"

- nami 

"new to aphrodisiacs... never thought having a subtle scent on my sheets could make such a difference in the bedroom!"

- avery

"the range of topics covered in the grow fonder blog has kept me coming back for more. some really interesting and wild reads that complements what the brand stands for."


- ryeon

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